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Next Gen OmicsWhen you don’t have a brand identity, your audience doesn’t have anything to associate your business with. 

I can help you develop a memorable logo that can help get you instantly recognized and give an identity to your business. 

Creating science illustrations can be time consuming and challenging. 

 I can create simple, straightforward, visually-pleasing graphics that help your audience understand your work. 


Writing for the general public can be hard and takes a lot of your time. 

Let me help you write clear, simple, and effective content using analogies and plain but engaging language that will get your ideas across to a broad audience. 


Complex problems are real obstacles that many science businesses face. 

Let me help you find solutions or strategies to your pressing problems and get your project moving forward. 

"I am absolutely thrilled with the logo Ain created for my company. It perfectly captures the essence of our brand. Working with Ain was a delightful experience, and I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of design work. Thank you for giving our company a visual identity!"

- Dr. Shehwana

"I have recently collaborated for an illustration with Science Figured and Ain. The illustration presented an excellent quality, the work was fast and the pricing was fair. I hope we can keep working together in our upcoming articles!" 

- Group Leader of Bilkent University

"Working with Dr. Ain was an absolute pleasure. Her expertise was invaluable as we tackled complex challenges. Dr. Ain's writing is excellent, distilling intricate ideas into impactful content. Her professionalism, meeting deadlines, and dedication were commendable. I'd gladly collaborate with Dr. Ain again. Their contributions were pivotal to our success. If you need a professional with outstanding writing skills and unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Ain is the ideal choice."  

- Dr. Shehwana

"Our team had the privilege of working with Ain on a project that was critical to our near term progress as a company. We looked through many consultants in order to find the perfect fit, but we knew immediately after we met her that she was the best! Ain’s expertise was invaluable and she was incredibly thorough in her pursuit of the best possible solution to our problem. She updates you regularly on her progress and keeps you well informed on her thoughts and goals. When you receive your final consulting report, you will be blown away by the detail, accuracy and pinpoint relevance to your original project goals. Ain is the best of the best :)"  

- Matt Zubyk
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