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Science should be easy to understand

As a former science student and consumer of science content, I understand that many of us struggled to grasp complex scientific ideasThat’s why as a Science Communicator, I want to help you create science content that is easy to follow and will help your audience appreciate your work and get you the desired results, including publication or funding. 

Passion for Science Illustrations began early

As a child, I loved painting still objects, landscapes and, of course, science figures.  This love for creating science visuals was put aside while I pursued my Life Science training.   

Now that I have finished my education, I have happily returned to my first love, creating science visuals.  With my broad science background and passion for creating graphics, I have created eye-catching, self-explanatory illustrations that helped scientists get published or funded. 

Writing science was what I always did

In addition to graphics, I have the training and experience to help you with your science writingMy clear, concise, and easy-to-understand writing has helped several researchers get funded. 

I love helping and speaking to the science community

With my broad background and science experience, I’m also perfectly equipped to help you find solutions or strategies for your science projectI have consulted with numerous companies and have helped them find solutions to their complex problems and I can also help you too. 


Science Communication Certificate


PhD in Bioengineering

Hanyang University

Doctor of Pharmacy

University of the Punjab


  • Medical Writing

    6 Experiences across Science Figured and 4 other companies

  • Adobe Suite

    Experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

  • Consulting

    Trained and advisor students and science businesses

  • Logo Design

    Designed custom logos for science businesses

  • Illustrations

    Created numerous graphics that help audiences understand science material

Years in Service

3 years serving the science community

Established in 2021

Served over 14 clients

Clients were happy with results

10 cups of coffee

What fuels my creativity

Selected Works