khevga Maritime Decoration Vase Set of 2 – 20cm and 26cm heights


Glass Vase – Flowers will brighten up any home. A bouquet or a single flower provides a good mood and summery feelings. To keep the flower fresh, it must naturally be placed in a vase of fresh water.
Maritime decoration: the vase is made of glass. This glass is satined and spiced with white speckles. It is decorated with a sisal band and a starfish and a shell.
Set of 2: You will receive two vases in a set. A small vase that is 20cm tall and a large vase with a height of approx. 26cm
VERSATILE: You can place the vase anywhere. They are a beautiful window decoration or a great table decoration. Also as a gift they are a great eye-catcher.
Dimensions: The small vase has a diameter of approx. 7 cm and a height of 20 cm and the large vase has a diameter of approx. 8 cm and a height of 26 cm.

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